Installation Instructions
Acura RSX Armrest


1) Move passenger seat all the way towards the dash. Move driver seat back.

2) Note the position of the lumbar support knob and remove it by removing the "C" clip with a flat-head screwdriver. Once removed, replace the "C" clip back into the slots on the knob, so it is ready for replacement.

3) Cut out the hole on the enclosed template and place it over the lumbar knob shaft. Line up the left edge of the template with the zipper and tape it in place. Using a pencil, draw a 2" line onto the upholstery by following the bottom edge of the template between lines "A & B". Remove template and slit the upholstery at the 2" mark using a razor. Using the slit as a guide, mark the underlying foam with a pen or pencil.

4) . Tilt the backrest of the driver seat forward. Undo the "J" channel strip at the bottom of the backrest (see insert). When done, tilt the backrest upright again. Undo the two zippers on the backrest and lift the flap (you can tape the flap to keep it out of the way).

5) Extend the line on the foam about 1 or 2 inches in both directions. Notice the factory slice in the foam towards the bottom. Slice the foam similarly along the line you made, using a hacksaw blade or a serrated steak knife.

6) Using a 10mm socket, remove the nut on the seat frame that is closest to the back edge and just below your cut in the foam. At this point, replace the lumbar support knob to its original position by pushing it on till it snaps into place.

7) Feed the bottom edge of the armrest bracket through the slit in the upholstery and the slice in the foam. Place the bracket's counter-bored hole onto the threaded rod where the 10mm nut was removed. Replace the 10mm nut (hand tight) making sure the rim of the nut goes into the counter-bore. Line up the bottom hole with the factory hole and install the bolt and nut supplied (Hint: Fully engage the lumbar support for easy access to bottom mounting point). Tighten both nuts securely.

8) Rezip the two zippers and replace the "J" channel strip. Now we will install the armrest.

9) Place the large nylon washer over the threaded shaft on the bracket. Place the armrest onto the threaded shaft. Unzip the zipper on the armrest about half way to locate the hole in the side of armrest. Using the 1/2 inch socket and extension, install the bolt and small nylon washer into the threaded shaft and tighten until armrest stays half way up on its own but still goes up and down smoothly. Do not over tighten. Redo the zipper.

Installation is complete.