Chevy HHR

Wide Armrest

Installation Instructions


1. Using your fingers or a flathead screwdriver, remove the plastic cap from the side of both original armrests (lightly pull around edges until it pops off).

2. Using a 9/16” or 14mm socket, remove original bolt, armrest and plastic washer (which is in between armrest and seat) from both seats.

3. Locate the small hole of the plastic cover (supplied) onto the 5/16” diameter pin on the passenger’s seat. Push the plastic fastener through the larger hole and into the threaded hole in the seat frame.

4. Locate the small hole of the Armrest Bracket (supplied) onto the 5/16” diameter pin on the driver’s seat. Line up the large hole in the bracket with the threaded hole in seat. Install the bracket with the supplied bolt and lockwasher using an 11/16” or 17mm socket.

5. Place the large nylon washer over the threaded shaft on the bracket. Place the armrest onto the threaded shaft. Unzip the zipper on the armrest about half way to locate the hole in the side of armrest. Using a 1/2” or 13mm socket and a long extension, install the bolt and small nylon washer into the threaded shaft and tighten until armrest stays half way up on its own but still goes up and down smoothly.
Do not over tighten. Redo the zipper. Installation is complete.