CLICK HERE to watch a video of the Ratcheting Factory Armrest being removed  

Please note: You should only put pressure on the armrest with the ball joint separator when you have reached the 37 degree area


Here is a link for the ball joint separator used in the video



Honda Pilot, Ridgeline & Passport  

Extra Wide "Ratcheting" Armrest

Installation Instructions





1. Put the factory armrest into a downward position.  Line up the left edge of the paper template (see below) with the rear vertical seam of the seat’s backrest and tape it to the seat.  Make sure the bottom of the paper is resting on the armrest’s pivot shaft.


2. Bring the armrest into the upward locked position.  Release it and align the top of the armrest to the 37° line.  Pull the armrest out of the seat.  You may need to adjust 1 or 2 degrees if it does not release easily.

 Please note that you should only put pressure on the armrest when you reach the 37 degree area.

3. Line up the top of the extra wide armrest at 37° and push firmly into the seat.  Test in the locked (up) position and (down) ratcheting positions.  Installation is complete.  


Honda Pilot, Ridgeline & Passport 

Extra Wide "Non-Ratcheting" Armrest

Installation Instructions






1. Using your fingers or a flat screwdriver, remove the plastic cap from the side of the original armrest (lightly pull around edges until it pops off).


2. Using a 9/16” or 14mm socket with extension, remove original bolt, armrest and washer.


3. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws that secure the factory bracket.  Install the new bracket into the same threaded holes using the same two screws. 

Note:  The threaded shaft of the bracket should be towards the top left for the driver armrest and top right for the passenger armrest.

Tighten securely.


4. Place the large nylon bushing over the threaded shaft on the bracket.  Place the armrest onto the threaded shaft.  Unzip the zipper on the armrest to locate the hole in the side of armrest.  Using a 1/2” or 13mm socket and a long extension, install the bolt and small nylon washer into the threaded shaft and tighten in small increments until armrest stays half way up on its own but still goes up and down smoothly. 

CAUTION:  Do not over tighten the bolt and then loosen it again.  This will cause the bolt to loosen on its own over time.

Redo the zipper.  Installation is complete.




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